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Everyday  miracle babies are born with surrogate mothers just like what you want to be. Future Generation Surrogacy guides and supports surrogate mothers having successful surrogacy as we are ding everyday.


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Surrogacy is a long process envoloved diiferent professionals. Future Generation Surrogacy is here for surrogates throughout the entire process, from medical screeing to matching with  intended parents, completing the transfer, delivering a healthy baby and beyond. In addition, we offer an experienced and personal coordinator available to you for any questions and needs during the whole process. 


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Click here to start your online application form. The application form takes you few minutes to filled out.  We will contact you within 1 business day.


Initial interview

Our intake coordinator will reach out to you for more details. Then we will schedule in virtual or in-person interview with you to make sure you understand the following steps.

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Compensation Package

Once we received all the general information about you and your family, as well as  all the necessary medical records. We will share the surrogate compensation package with you.  No any costs or expenses will be paid by you.  

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Quick Match

Your surrogate profile will be shared with potential intended parents. You will get a chance to meet your intended parents in person or virtually. You can choose to match with the intended parents that you feel the most fits to you and your family. We always guarantee to get our surrogates match as quick as possible.  


Surrogacy journey

You case manager will support you throughout entire surrogate journey, from IVf clinic to your OB visits and until your delivery hospital.  Our surrogacy team will be your strongest emotional and professional support during your surrogacy as well.  

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Exclusive Support

All of our surrogates come from the US and we’ve assembled a nationwide team of specialists. These experts include case managers, counselors, and attorneys, to support your journey and your choice of intended parents. In addition, we can recommend trusted physicians and clinics in communities across the country.

The medical, financial and emotional risks of surrogacy are too significant to go it alone. And fending for yourself on social media can be hit and miss with harmful consequences. We know the way because we’ve been there tens of thousands of times before. And yet no two journeys are exactly alike. So let our experts guide the way.

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